English Teacher

Hi, I'm Chris; your friendly and professional English Tutor. I am a proficient native English speaker and I am experienced in teaching individuals from all over the world. I welcome people from all cultures and walks of life. I believe in incorporating fun with effective learning!

I enjoy imparting knowledge and helping individuals to achieve their full potential and I will be motivating and encouraging you as we journey through the course.

During our first class, I will determine your level of proficiency and create a curriculum uniquely designed for you. Additionally, I will work patiently with you in an effort to achieve your desired goal.

I will provide you with lessons that are practical, clear, and easy to understand!

Contact me today to get started!


Culture Awarness

I empower students by understanding their cultural backgrounds and tailor learning to meet and celebrate their experiences.


Meaningful lessons

Challenging and imaginative tasks which will engage students and support the learning process.


Interpersonal communication skills

Use creativity and imagination during teaching

Per Hour

  • 1-1 via zoom

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